A Huge Following Of Gambling


Perhaps the only game that boasts of a huge following is gambling. Gambling may be or may not be legalized by a government but these factors do not impeded varied card games or slot machines to be existent. As a matter of fact gambling has been modernized to a great extent, from the walls of the casinos to online internet.

Even before written history was recorded, traces of the origin of gambling began in ancient times. Archeologists dug up information and evidences point towards in that period. The people of long ago were a people who took risk and chances in plays they invented. The fun that comes along with gambling was a real and live experience for many. Some thought that they were pleasing their gods.

The Roman empires Caligula, had a favorite horse that he named Consul. Those were the days when chariot racing was a well developed game of sport. Come to think of it, the fight between gladiators and the best challenges was a gamble for life. Spectators jeered and urged on players whom the king favored.

England’s gaming flourished when her knights rode home from the crusaders in stallions from Arabia. Queen Anne saw pleasure in thoroughbred racing that endorsed the breeding of the best horse for horseracing. The English people loved this organized legal sport and found its profits to flow into the states projects that benefited thousands of people.

As gambling penetrated peoples of the world, the sport suffered setbacks. Some states did not legalize gambling and no dishonest and criminal elements erupted to disturb peace and order. The uncontrolled behavior of some players brought them to institutions for some kind of therapy. It became addictive and disrupted normal behavior.

Governments in Europe, Canada and the US were provided income by gambling. A certain percentage of the profits were channleded to building institutions which exists to this day

It is safe to say that gambling – legalized gambling – will find its thrill in the chance and risk involved especially when money is the object of the winning. Playing is universal and this reinforced that this activity is a human experience. It is up to the player to determine whether the actual act of gambling is going to be of benefit or hindrance in their lives.

While there are may forces that strive to oppose gambling, it is in its revenue that many law giving bodies and government find the evils worth tolerating. Sometimes the fruits of the deed help those in need and this is another major factor in gambling.


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