Casino Alert


It is very easy to make money whether in a land based casino or in an online one. However, customer loyalty seems very hard to earn and it comes with building the reputation of your casino. It does not only include the games you provide inside, the amenities you have, the number of employees serving the customers, nor the design and layout of your casino. What really keeps the customers coming back is much more than that.

The casinos compete with each other among the customers who wanted to play games, either for fun or for money. Whatever their reason is, they are affected by the chance of winning they have in one casino. There is actually a rumor going around that casinos could change the probability of winning or the payback they have for their machines. Indeed, manipulation is not a questionable thing here. But, the lengthy process of applying to change the probability of winning is costly of time and money. The customers should therefore be assured that this does not happen inside your casino by a constant reminder either through a public announcement via intercom or a written advisory.

What is more, there is the concept of learned helplessness of customers that the casinos should be very much aware of. Casino alert should be based on the fact that you can not have too many losers for the same night. When there are lesser winnings because of lesser chances of winnings you provide especially for the machines and the other card games, the players would therefore lose no matter what they do. Because they constantly lose, they would feel so helpless. Pegging the probability of winning at a very low rate would produce no or less winners inside your casino. The feeling that no matter what they do, whether be it at home or work is the same as when they go inside the casino and lose all the time, can make them feel depressed and refrain from visiting your casino once more. So, it will be nice to put more chances of winning to every game you have there.

These are among the things that casinos should be aware of in relation to the behavior of their customers. Happy and satisfied customers always remain loyal to your casinos and these customers are produced from the way you treat them and address their needs. After all, they are there to satisfy their needs and to serve as the blood and life of your casino.


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