Finding the Gambling Geek


As you continue to appreciate the world of gambling, you become more and more of an expert in the industry. This would mean that you can easily determine whether a slot machine is really worth trying, a roulette wheel to be defective or a good hand in poker among others. It is definitely a good sign that you are getting better and better in your chosen field of interest. But, improvement is something that you have to give room for. Because of such reality, continue to brush up on your gambling wizardry with these gambling terms and phrases.

1. ATS- ATS is the acronym for “against the spread.” This phrase means that refers to a game’s line. The player could either take the points or provide the points that oppose the spread.

2. Action- This term refers to a player’s move which could result to getting more or lesser chances of winning the pot.

3. Bad Beat- This phrase describes a worst loss.

4. Chalk- A chalk means “favorite.”

5. Edge- The edge is a term that describes one’s advantage over his opponents.

6. Firing- This term describes the player’s betting move which makes him bet a huge sum of money.

7. Get down- Get down is a phrase which means “to place a bet.”

8. Lock- Lock means a winner who got the winnings easily.

9. Money line- Money line refers to the amount of money that you need to pay to win 100. It can also refer to the amount of money you win when you bet 100.

10. Off the board- This phrase refers to the kind of game which does not accept any more bets.

11. Past post- Past post is the chance to place a bet even while the game has already started.

12. Press- Press refers to the player’s move to place a large amount of bet than what he usually does.

13. Score- Score refers to winning a lot of money.

14. Scratch- When you decide to make a scratch, this means that you are withdrawing from the game or cancelling the game.

15. Sharp- Sharp is a term used to describe a wise man in the gambling world.

16. Sudden death- It is a n overtime period wherein the player who scores first will win the game.

17. Vigorish- It refers to the commission made by a bookmaker. It is also known as “juice.”

18. Wise guy- A wise guy is the term used to refer to those gifted gamblers who can place a successful bet in any sports game.


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