General Casino Rules and Customs


Casinos are distinct with one another, whether it is according to themes, policies and performance. However, many casinos have more or less the same general policies and customs that are implemented in each establishment. To help you with your visit to the casino, here is an introduction about general casino rules and customs:

Casinos have common entrance policies which are in accordance to law. Casinos are forbidden by common law to admit minors, although children with parents are allowed if the casino doors provide a common entrance to the casino restaurant. Even so, minors who are spotted playing in the casino will be asked to leave should they fail to verify about their legal age.

One of the important casino rules is to replace your bets with chips. Chips are common in many casinos because it is said to reduce the owner’s attachment to his or her own money. Therefore, chips are always available in most casinos for playing purposes. Many casinos allow their table dealers to trade your money for chips. However, dealers cannot in any way trade your chips for dollars. Should you wish to cash out your chips there is a specified booth that will replace your chips with cash.

There are also some common casino rules that have to do with minimum and maximum bets. Tables put up signs that indicate the allowable bets and are usually color-coded to correspond with the value of the chips. For instance, if your green chip is equivalent to five dollars, then table games that require five-dollar bets at minimum put up a green sign.

Serving free alcohol is also an important component of casino rules. Some countries or states ban the serving of free alcohol in casinos, so the casinos instead charge the customer for alcohol. However, soft drinks and non-alcoholic beverages are often offered for free. Upon accepting your complimentary drink, make sure to tip the waiters the appropriate amount.

Playing the roulette wheel also has another distinct policy among the casino rules. Players at the roulette table are required to trade their casino chips for roulette chips. This is because roulette players place their bets on a common surface on the table, and so their chips have the tendency to overlap. By having distinct, color-coded roulette chips, dealers are able to know which money is whose.

These common casino rules are often encountered in many casinos. Knowing these general casino policies will certainly save your time in the casino by not continuously asking casino employees and customers about what to do.


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