What is the main problem- Gambling or Stress


The two terms i.e. stress and addiction to gambling goes hand in hand. They are some how connected to each other. Gambling is done when someone is in stress but at the same time, too much of gambling can create a lot of stress. Most of the gamblers don’t even know what their initial problem was whether gambling or stress. These gamblers need help of something or someone who can help them to come out of this poisonous web of gambling. They really need a helping hand so that their mind relaxes a bit as it is being ruined due to this gambling habit of them.


This game of gambling in messing up the life if the gambler along with their families. So there should be some way out to save the lives of millions of family. There are many ways to come out of this addiction of gambling. There is no miracle to solve this problem people have to work out and look for the solutions to their problems. People start taking medicines which were invented to release the stress also some medicines have came such who helps people to move out of this problem of gambling. But apart from medicines, the best way to overcome this problem is relaxation.

Every individual has a different way of relaxing. It depends on the ability to perceive the kinds relaxing. Some believe that workout is good way to relax. According to them work outs burns the life’s problem. Others feel that sports is a better way to relax they fell it helps in diverting the mind from the stress of life to the joy of life. But this both solutions are not possible for every individual, so for them yoga is a very good option and it is also the best way to relax the mind and soul.

Yoga has a very important part that is the meditation which is the only solution to all the mental problems of an individual may it be stress or depression or frustration. Once an individual starts to meditate he connects himself to the spiritual or imaginative world of himself. There are n numbers of gamblers who meditate on a daily basis so as to move out of the stressful part of the life. Any one can do this meditation no matter where ever that individual is. And this is the best part of meditation.

There are special guide books which are in different languages that are available everywhere in the market; they teach you the steps to taken so as to meditate in a few while. They are also available on the internet and it is also shown online now a days. Research has proved that 15 minutes of meditation on a daily basis is very useful in creating more focused brain and also a more relaxed body. It helps in control many dieses too. Problems like blood pressure, asthma, diabetes, etc. This is been scientifically proved all over the world and there are also live examples to this.


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